Petrea Thule Meetings and Practices

Meeting/Practices Times

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday nights each month. Official start time is 7:00PM. Meetings generally run until approximately 10:00PM, or under til sunset (During the Summer).

Meeting Location

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Winter Meeting/Practice Location

Currently, we are temporarily holding meetings at the Retro's e-Sports Bar in Peterborough.

Any changes will be noted on the Canton of Petrea Thule Facebook Page

Summer Meeting/Practice Location

From June til August, our summer meeting/practices is held at Rogers Cove near east city Peterborough. We meet in the park lot near to the play ground; of course weather permitting. A link to Google Maps for directions is available here.

Any changes will be noted on the Canton of Petrea Thule Facebook Page


Our meetings/practices are conducted in modern clothing–no need to wear your fine medieval clothing. That can be saved for our Kingdom Events!

During these nights, official canton business will be brought forward and discussed. This can involve planning of upcoming events, travel plans for events further afield, any business of any of the Canton officers along with any questions for the officiers from any of the members of the Canton. After the brief business portion, we will have Armoured and Rapier Practice, assume there are marshal available at the time.

If there is topic people are insterest in we can arrange presentation and guest speaker to come. Also if there are things that can't be done in a night, if we can arrange something on the weekend at peoples homes.

Any member of the SCA holding a Blue Waiver Card is not required to sign the Waiver at the gate. Any member with a White Card or any non-members of the SCA are required to sign the waiver. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Indoor Practice Rules

Armoured Combat Practice Sessions

The armoured combat practice is led by Sir Tiberius of Warwickshire. We have a limited supply of loaner armour at this time so if you plan to come, please ensure you notify the Canton Seneschal or Armoured Combat Marshall before attending.

Rapier Combat Practice

We do not have a rapier marshal at the present time.